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Queen Elizabeth II, Monarch of the United Kingdom 1953-date

Queen Elizabeth II
Monarch of the United Kingdom 1953-date

17" x 24", oil on masonite

published Time Magazine, June 29, 1959
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.

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Elizabeth II is an extremely popular queen despite the barrage of tabloid reports about her family and household. She has traveled extensively throughout the Commonwealth, including several visits to Canada. The cover story was about one such trip to Canada in 1959.

Safran was a great admirer of the artist Hans Holbein The Younger, who is perhaps best known as the court painter of Henry VIII of England. Safran added Queen Elizabeth's age in Latin in the upper right corner of the painting, a device used by Holbein in many of his portraits. Safran used the device again later on some portraits of himself and his family.

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