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King Hussein of Jordan

King Hussein of Jordan (1935-1999)

17" x 24", oil on masonite

large view

His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, was known to his people as Al-Malik Al-Insan ("The Humane King"). Credited as the father of modern Jordan, King Hussein led his country for 47 years with moderation, stability, compassion, and tolerance. His commitment to democracy, civil liberties and human rights has helped pave the way in making Jordan a model state for the region.

King Hussein was a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He was proclaimed King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on August 11, 1952 and formally ascended the throne May 2, 1953 when he assumed constitutional powers after reaching the age of eighteen.

Throughout his long and eventful reign, King Hussein worked hard at building his country and raising the living standard of each and every Jordanian. He also struggled to promote peace in the Middle East, though in 1967, Jordan joined Egypt and Syria in an ill-fated attack against Israel in what became known as the Six Day War. Jordan suffered heavy casualties and lost control of the West Bank and the city of East Jerusalem

Under his rule, the National Charter was created along with the Jordanian Constitution, to serve as guidelines for democratic institutionalization and political pluralism in the country. In 1989, 1993 and 1997, Jordan held parliamentary elections which were accredited internationally as among the freest and fairest ever held in the Middle East.

He survived several attempted coups and assassinations. King Hussein was the author of three books: Uneasy Lies the Head (1962), about his childhood and early years as king, My War With Israel (1969), and Mon Métier de Roi.

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